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sorry for yesterday, some stupid feminist mod from /s4s/ and /pol/ took my account and tried to make me look like a neckbeard.
he took my opinions to a whole new level. this feminist made me look like a raging shitstain from /b/. sorry for all the people that suddenly followed me, even I’m not that much of a asshole. but i will post greentexts today. oh and the only thing i posted was the game greps and roosterteeth post.

        ~ the real OP of this guy/blog/thing, Sebastian.


My boyfriend is always on 4Chan. So I was surfing with him this morning and OMG! I have lost all faith in humanity thanks to that fucking site!

Tumblr Help me find faith in humanity again!

I saw so many animals being hurt or killed and it makes me sick! This is bullshit! Go play a fucking video game if you’re bored!!! Don’t kill or hurt another living being!!!!!


Hahahahahahah. You triggered yet? Welcome to the Deep Web! Enjoy your stay.

Red lipstick is our fucking war paint.


But seriously, a lot of us agree that not supporting the #WarOn4chan is like not supporting our US troops. I don’t mean to sound outrageous, but it goes against our bond as a MOVEMENT of fighting for our rights. Ending 4chan would be a HUGE step on the internet, loosen sexism, child porn, gore, etc.

All it takes is 1 post to make an immense impact.

no offense but they will destroy you. also child porn is not allowed on 4chan. so please kindly stop.
and anyway, you agree to see porn, nsfw stuff, loli, racism, gore and blood when you sign up.
and one post on the the threads are going to be deleted and you will get banned by our Lord, moot.

ok which one of you plebs started the #waron4chan tag? you are going to get nowhere. we are hardened goddamn people. we don’t give a shit about someone who just heard of 4chan.
we basically run the internet. between the silk road and us, we run ourselves. also we did it for the lolz, we have also screwed up the cia website and replaced everything with dicks. unless you can name another website which did that.

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